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Hayvanlarla ilgili speaking konuları Have you ever been to a horse race? Have you ever eaten rabbit meat? Have you eaten octopus? Have you ever seen a dog that helps people, such as one to assist a blind person or a policeman? If so, what did you notice about the dog? How do you think that dog was trained? What animals do you think are cute? What animals do you think are ugly? What can children learn by having a pet?

Reklamlarla ilgili speaking konuları Do you think advertising is too expensive? What are some effective adverts you have seen lately (on TV, newspaper, etc)? What are some ineffective adverts you have seen lately? Can you remember an advertising campaign that caught your attention? What are the different methods of advertising? What is the most popular way of advertising?

Arkadaşlarla ilgili speaking konuları Do you think it is a good idea to borrow money from a friend? Why or why not? Do you make friends easily? Has a friend ever let you down? Have you made any friends over the Internet?

Korkuyla ilgili speaking konuları Are you afraid of being ill? What disease are you most afraid of? Why? What is your biggest fear for yourself? What is your biggest fear for the world? How often do you feel afraid? How would you help someone to get over their fear? Do you have any form of phobia or paranoia?

IELTS speaking soruları
Is there some other kind of work you would rather do? If you could change your job or profession, what would you do? Describe the process of getting a job in your country. Describe the company or organization you work for. What is your position? What do you like about your job? What do you dislike about your job? Is buying clothes a popular activity for teenagers in your country? How much money should parents spend on their children’s clothes? What types of fashion do teenagers like to wear in your country? What influence has the fashion industry had in your country? Are the fashions of today different from those when your parents were young? What do you think will be the effects of the fashion industry in the next ten years?

TOEFL speaking soruları
What is your favorite book or movie? Describe it and say why it is your favorite. Who do you feel close to in your family (or extended family)? Describe this person and say why you feel close to him/her. Where is a good place to have fun in your city or town? Describe this place and explain why it is fun. Talk about an experience in your life that made you feel embarrassed. Describe it and say why it was embarrassing. What was your favorite subject at school? Describe it and explain why this subject was your favorite one. Who is an important person in your country? Describe this person and explain why he/she is important.

IELTS için Speaking Konuları
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